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Dark Matter – Science Expansion

“Science is nothing but perception.”


Save the solar system from a dark and ancient primordial force, using new tools of Science! Play as Kate Winthrop, The Scientist, purchase new and real Science tools and instruments, and explore the scientific achievements of humanity across the solar system in Dark Matter – Science Expansion!

To celebrate Dark Matter Day (October 31st), Axolotl, Dr Xavier Bertou (Head of the particle and radiation detection laboratory at the Centro Atomico Bariloche), Levi Thornton (The Cardboard-naut), and Mint Tea Fan have collaborated to bring a new 20 card science-themed expansion to the fan-made Dark Matter Campaign!

The Scientist

Play as Mint Tea Fan‘s Kate Winthrop, The Scientist! Use your additional actions with Researched cards to discover clues and fuel your Flux Stabilizer, allowing you to do more science! But beware of the Dimensional Rift and the horrors that lurk beyond.

Researched Cards

Too much experience and you aren’t sure what to spend it on anymore in the Dark Matter Campaign? This expansion adds 10 new Science cards purchasable with experience based on real science, including cutting edge technologies that are actively searching for real dark matter such as the Germanium Detector.

These new cards all have a special variation of the Researched keyword, which specifies the cost to purchase the card between scenarios, instead of requiring a prior condition from an un-upgraded version. However, since it is still the Researched keyword, these added cards are perfect for Mint Tea Fan‘s Kate Winthrop!

Frontiers of Space!

This new expansion also adds 5 new scanning cards to shuffle into the finale of Dark Matter, Starfall. These cards offer a chance to uncover some of humanity’s greatest achievements in space exploration.

Hint: You may want to purchase a few Science cards if you are planning to play with these new scanning cards.

How to play

Important: Dark Matter Campaign is required to play with the story cards and scanning cards in this expansion. However, Mint Tea Fan’s Kate Winthrop can be played without Dark Matter.

Hope you enjoy, and happy Dark Matter Day!


11 thoughts on “Dark Matter – Science Expansion

  1. Hey 🙂

    When just now I checked the cards they still had no bleed margin.. I was using the same (provided) download link on this site – or should I have used a different download?


  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful campaign.
    Unfortunately the print and play files of the expansion do not have a bleed margin (unlike the cards of the campaign). Can you provide the individual files for the cards with a bleed margin, please?


      1. Much obliged! This is such a great campaign… I think Fantasy Flight should pick this up for an official release.

        And if you can upload the files before the weekend that would be most wonderful! 🙂


          1. Hey 🙂

            When just now I checked the cards they still had no bleed margin.. I was using the same (provided) download link on this site – or should I have used a different download?


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