Isabel la Fratta, The Pianist

When Isabel was given the sheets to the new symphony the Auseil Theatre would be performing, she didn’t expect the audience to be that of the infintie extradimensional abyss. If not for a few investigators from Arkham, she would surelu have been consumed by the music of the nothingness from beyond, along with the Auseil Theatre.

Isabel La Fratta is a powerful and rhythmic investigator, able to perform 4 actions per turns per skill. However, like an improvisational melody, if she ever performs two of the same type of actions in a row – she must immediately end her turn. Every turn is a complex and interesting puzzle. Isabel’s deckbuilding consist of all rogue cards, a generalist class that is perfect for making use of and even generating more of Isabel’s actions. She can also add a few skills and events from a selected secondary class – a choice that may inform as to what her focus may be during a scenario.

Isabel’s signature event, Cadenza, allows her to play her heart out, and take several actions of different types at once. It is a grandiose moment, but there are few opportunities for it to truly shine. Her signature weakness is Erlkönig, a piano piece known to be difficult for it’s uninterrupted repetitive chords. Much like the real composition, Isabel must repeatedly activate the action on her weakness to remove it – a task that is further complicated by how she can’t perform the “activate” action twice in a row before losing her rhythm and immediately ending her turn.

Isabel La Fratta can be found bundled with the standalone scenario The Symphony of Erich Zann, which has unique story and an additional task for her to accomplish. 

Hope you enjoy playing with her or reading this post! If you have any feedback or remarks, please comment below, and send me a message.

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